The Gap

“You know when I was your age…” he always started rocking his chair

He had seen all obstacles, his life was a can of worms

He loved his present situation.

“I gained everything myself” Boasted he.

The thing worried him the most was the teen

Fun, is what they want he feels

Drinking, Smoking and making useless friends.

“They are ruining themselves” he warned

I strongly disagreed. It is just a gap. Generation Gap.

All calm and with a smile, nodded his head

“Maybe this gap wont let you earn well,

you dont have feelings. You making the life a hell

Say no more, you are one of them.

Hanging around friends, You will be with no roots. You will be just a stem

Wearing those indecent clothes, you roam around

When I was your age, I never fooled around

You people dont want to work hard

All you want is quick money but your life will be scarred

Where will this generation end up?

Oh! you greet your friends with Whatzzup

What will you do 10 years from now?”

I looked at him, I was furious

I just left from there, not saying a word.

Later on thought, maybe this is the Generation Gap.


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