“Do you like beaches?” yes, I love them. I love walking in the sand The footprints when left behind, They signify memories I had with you When you walk beside me, I want those foot prints behind us, a beautiful memory Dont worry, if they get washed away by the sea Because you are going […]

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The Bird

I want to fly up there She pointed towards the sky as she said. Her brother laughed and exclaimed that for that she needed to have wings She thought dreams are enough to be there. She wanted to fly among the birds As she grew up, she faced the wrath It wasnt easy to reach […]

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The Gap

“You know when I was your age…” he always started rocking his chair He had seen all obstacles, his life was a can of worms He loved his present situation. “I gained everything myself” Boasted he. The thing worried him the most was the teen Fun, is what they want he feels Drinking, Smoking and […]

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